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Increase in the number of bear sightings in residential areas

Conservation officers are warning the public about bear encounters after a recent increase in the number of sightings in and around residential areas of the province.

Officers are monitoring several locations where bear sightings have been reported, and have set traps in an effort to capture and relocate the animals to wilderness areas.

Residents must avoid bear traps and take appropriate steps to avoid encounters with black bears.

To avoid attracting bears to residential areas, campsites and work sites, ensure the proper storage and disposal of garbage. In residential areas, the public is asked to not place garbage in outside containers until your designated collection day. Where bears have been sighted, pet owners are asked to keep their animals inside or under close supervision. The public is also reminded to never feed wildlife, as it creates a public safety hazard and may lead to the destruction of the animal.

Under no circumstances should a black bear be approached.

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