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Health Accord NL Interim Report Released

On Tuesday the Provincial Government released Health Accord NL’s interim report titled "A Call to Action to Transform Health”.

Co-chairs Dr. Patrick Parfrey and Sister Elizabeth Davis, along with six subcommittees, have been conducting public and targeted consultations on how to improve health outcomes and on the social and economic factors that influence the health of residents.

The Health Accord NL Task Force has now completed the first phase of developing a 10-year Health Accord, including setting the overall vision and direction for the Accord.

Health Accord NL was created in November 2020 to reimagine the health care system to best deliver services to meet the needs of people in communities across the province. It is mandated to deliver a 10-Year Health Accord with short, medium, and long-term goals for a health care system that better meets the needs of Newfoundlanders and Labradorians.

Plans to improve the health of the people include:

  • addressing specific areas of concern relating to social, economic and environmental factors

  • empowering people to transition seamlessly through age-related health changes

  • balancing the health system with accessible team-based networks of community, hospital, and long-term care services

  • ensuring high-quality care in social and health systems

  • creatively using digital technology to connect systems and people as well as health and social systems.

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