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Government Announces $32 Million Investment in Health Care Equipment

The provincial government is providing $32 million in funding for the acquisition of health care equipment for facilities throughout the province.

The funding will be used by Newfoundland and Labrador Health Services and the Memorial University Faculty of Medicine to replace end-of-life and obsolete equipment, as well as to meet the equipment requirements related to changing clinical service requirements and service expansions.

Funding will be split between health zones.

The Central Zone will receive $6.4 million, $14 million for the Eastern Urban Zone, $3 million for the Eastern Rural Zone, $1.9 million for the Labrador-Grenfell Zone, and $2.3 million for the Western Zone.

About $873,000 will be invested in Digital Health, $363,000 for the Faculty of Medicine, and $3.1 million for contingency and other planning.


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