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Gas prices soar overnight

As expected fuel prices skyrocketed overnight.

Gasoline is up 14.4 cents per litre. Diesel increased by 24.8 cents per litre.

Furnace oil is up by 20.19 cents, stove oil is up 26.26 cents per litre. There was no change in the price of propane.

Brent Crude Oil is trading at about $112.00 per barrel.

Gasoline is near $2.00 per litre currently. On the Avalon, gas is as high as 191.7 while diesel is at 213.4. In Central gas is 194.2 with diesel at 215.9. In the Corner Brook and Deer Lake area, gas is at 192.4 and diesel is at 214.1. In the Churchill Falls area, gas is at 200.8 cents and diesel is at 224.1.


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