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FFAW says no to imported crab

The FFAW is calling on the Association of Seafood Producers to not import out-of-province snow crab until local challenges are addressed.

Members have voiced concerns about importing crab from other sources. FFAW-Unifor is awaiting a decision from the Standing Fish Price Setting Panel on the starting price for the crab season for this year.

Federal Fisheries Minister Joyce Murray announced an 8.4 percent increase to the snow crab quota in the province.

FFAW-Unifor President Greg Pretty said, "We're in a very precarious situation right now with many small business owners in jeopardy of going bankrupt, not to mention the thousands of crew member families they support through the snow crab fishery. Folks are in an extremely tough situation, and we need a commitment from companies to do everything in their power to prevent additional civil discord."


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