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FFAW inshore council meets in Corner Brook

This week the FFAW Inshore Council met in Corner Brook to discuss, debate and provide recommendations for the provincail fishing industry.

The thre day meeting focused on price negotiations, employment insurance, snow crab, northern cod, northern shrimp, redfish, sea cucumber, lobster and more.

The Council resolved to demand in-person meetings with Premier Furey, Minister Loveless and Minister Davis, as well as meetings with the province’s Members of Parliament and the DFO officials responsible for provincial fisheries management before the end of this year.

The council also passed a number of resolutions including finding urgent solutions to employment insurance and protecting seasonal workers, strengthening owner-operator and fleet separation policies, protecting inshore 3Ps cucumber licenses, improving access for young harvesters and intergenerational transfers, and improving regional engagement and establishing new, species-specific working groups where needed.


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