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Drivers Encouraged to be Aware of Moose When Travelling Provincial Roadways

The Department of Fisheries, Forestry and Agriculture is reminding motorists to exercise caution and watch for roaming moose when travelling on provincial roadways, particularly between dusk and dawn.

There is an increased risk for moose-vehicle collisions at this time of year as many yearlings leave their mothers resulting in more moose near roadways.

Motorists are encouraged to slow down when driving at night to allow more time to respond to a moose on or near a roadway. Pay attention to posted warning signs which mark high-risk areas. Scan both sides of the road ahead as far as possible, especially when travelling in posted high-risk areas.

Use extreme caution whenever encountering wildlife, regardless of the animal’s behaviour or how far it is from the roadway. Focus on the road. Don’t become distracted. Maintain a clean windshield and headlights.

Drive with your headlights on high beam unless approaching, or overtaking, other traffic. Wear seatbelts.


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