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Dispute continues on the price of snow crab

The dispute continues on the price of snow crab.

A meeting took place between the FFAW-Unifor and the ASP.

The FFAW Negotiating made the decision to send a revised offer. The union says Greg Pretty delivered the offer to Jeff Loder. From there the union says ASP returned with the final counteroffer that was in turn presented to members for consideration. The Committee attempted an additional counter, which was rejected.

The Association of Seafood Producers released a statement to provide clarification on what has occurred over the last several days.

The ASP says it did not send the FFAW the proposal that is currently being internally discussed by the FFAW.

The association will continue to follow and abide by the Standing Fish Price Setting Panel decision.

If the FFAW were to present a proposal to the ASP, the association would listen. The association accuses the FFAW of misleading the public.

At this time the ASP is calling on Government to intervene.


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