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Details of Support Program for Professional Artists and Musicians Announced

Professional artists and musicians, whose earnings were impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, will be able to apply for funding through the Artist Support Program – an extension of the Tourism and Hospitality Support Program. The application process is now open online.

Under this new short-term program, eligible applicants may receive a non-repayable, one-time contribution of up to $5,000. As part of the eligibility guidelines, professional artists and musicians must meet the criteria of a professional artist, as outlined in the Status of the Artist Act.

Eligible applicants must also demonstrate an earnings loss of at least 25 percent from their artistic activity since March 16, 2020. Additional information such as gross revenue from 2019 artistic activities, including sales, grants, awards, commissions, residencies, artist fees, royalties, and performances, will be required.


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