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Death Toll rises to 16 in Nova Scotia Mass Shooting

RCMP Constable Heidi Stevenson

As of this morning, the RCMP has said at least 16 people are dead after a mass shooting shook several communities in Nova Scotia. This number makes it the largest mass shooting in Canadian history. There may still be more victims.

Among the dead are RCMP Officer Heidi Stevenson, a 23-year member of the force. Constable Stevenson leaves behind two children and a husband.

Another Officer has what are described as non-life-threatening injuries. The officer's name was not released.

The gunman, 51-year-old Gabriel Wortman, also died.

The shooting rampage began on Saturday night.

At some point in the hours-long rampage, Wortman had a police uniform and a mock-up of an RCMP cruiser.

When officers arrived at the first scene in Portapique, there were several casualties inside and outside.

The Emergency Response Team, Canine Unit, and other police agencies assisted in the operation.

Prior to this incident, the largest shooting was at École Polytechnique in 1989. That shooting killed 14 and injured 14 people.


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