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Chief Medical Examiner Confirms Identity of Human Remains as Joseph Whelan

The RNC has confirmed that missing person, Joseph Whelan, was located deceased in a wooded area near Windemere Road.

Today the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner positively identified the deceased as Joseph Whelan, who was reported missing from the area on August 1.

On August 13 at about 10:10 pm, members of the RNC were alerted to a wooded area near Windemere Road, Goulds. A search of the area was conducted and human remains were located.

The investigation is ongoing and the RNC is working with the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner to determine the cause of death.

Anyone experiencing stress or anxiety as a result of this accident can access the NL mental health crisis line through 8-1-1 for support. If you are in crisis, the RNC Mental Health Mobile Crisis Response Team can provide support at your location.

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