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Changes to Case & Contact Management & Travel Restrictions

Some changes are being made to the case and contact management and travel restrictions.

Effective Monday:

  • If a school-aged child that is not fully vaccinated is a non-household contact to a case AND that child does not have symptoms, they can return to school BUT must isolate when not attending school for 10 days;

  • If a household member of a child that is not fully vaccinated has COVID-19, the child is a high risk contact and must fully isolate for 10 days before returning to school;

  • Anyone fully vaccinated and asymptomatic who is a non-household contact can proceed to work/school but must isolate at all times when not at work for seven days. There are also high risk situations where this will not apply, such as those that work with vulnerable individuals; and

  • Anyone asymptomatic and fully vaccinated that has a person with COVID-19 in their home must fully isolate for seven days before returning to work/school.

  • Parents/guardians are also asked not to bring together students from their child’s class, unless they are in each other’s tight 10. In an effort to minimize risk in schools as much as possible, informal gatherings such as birthday parties outside of school are considered to be higher risk for transmission.

People that live in the same household as a person that has COVID-19 are considered high risk, regardless of whether the individual with COVID-19 is isolating away or not. This also includes sexual partners and couples that do not live together.

Non-household contacts are considered moderate risk.

Adjustments are also being made to restrictions for travellers. Effective midnight Friday, January 21, anyone entering the province will still be given a package of five take-home rapid tests; however, they can leave isolation after receiving negative results from two rapid tests taken 24 hours apart. There is a requirement to continue testing for the remaining three days after leaving isolation.


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