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Caribou on Roads near Howley and on Northern Peninsula #nltraffic

The Department of Fisheries, Forestry and Agriculture are advising the public of a large caribou presence over the past few days near Howley, and also on the Northern Peninsula between St. Anthony Airport and Eddies Cove and between St. Anthony Airport and the Town of Main Brook.

A significant number of caribou are currently active in these areas.

The caribou are expected to remain in the region making them vulnerable to traffic as they cross these roads at various locations throughout the late fall and winter.

Motorists are encouraged to:

  • Scan both sides of the highway when travelling;

  • Pay attention to caribou warning signs;

  • Avoid driving at dusk and dawn when caribou are more common alongside highways;

  • Have passengers also watch for caribou; and

  • Reduce speeds when driving at night when caribou are more difficult to see.


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