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502 new COVID-19 cases

There are 502 new cases of COVID-19 today. There are 229 new cases as a result of samples being sent out of the province.

Regional breakdown:

  • Eastern Health 517

  • Central Health 44

  • Western Health 64

  • Labrador-Grenfell Health 85

  • Unknown Regional Health Authority 21

There are seven people in hospital. There are 6,443 active cases and there have been 498 recoveries.

Dr. Fitzgerald said it appears our high vaccination rate is reducing the number of potential hospitalizations.

There will be a 4th dose for people who are immunocompromised after 22 weeks of receiving the third dose.

Dr. Rahman says it appears that case numbers have plateaued and boosters and following public health measures is the key to reducing the number of new cases.

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12. Jan. 2022

I highly doubt that the vaccines really helped prevent hospitalizations so much as Omicron has been proven to be a far milder varient when it comes to symptoms. Quit hyping the fear for once. Boosters are only going to harm you more than help, even the WHO cautions about repeated boosters. It's time to put this pandemic to rest and resume normality.

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