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3 New Cases of COVID-19

Premier Furey says that a vaccine task force has been established to ensure that the vaccine has been quickly and efficiently rolled out. Minister Haggie and Dr. Fitzgerald are on the task force as are Ministers Dempster and Bennett. The provincial government has been in communication with the military regarding the rollout of the vaccine.

Minister Haggie has again apologized for the fundraising event. Premier Furey said that elected officials are held to a higher standard and also apologized. It was stressed that the event was within public health guidelines.

There are 3 new cases of COVID-19 today. All are in the Eastern Health Region. One is travel-related, the other two are under investigation.

There have been five recoveries. 312 people have recovered, there are 27 active cases, and 63,839 people have been tested.

Nearly 40 percent of the population has received the flu vaccine.

Residents are reminded to limit close contact to 20 or less over the holidays.


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