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23 New Cases of COVID-19 in NL

There are 23 new cases of COVID-19 in the province. All the new cases are in the Eastern Health Region.

Regional Breakdown: Eastern Health 166 Central Health 3 Western Health 1 Labrador Grenfell Health 5 Total: 175

Of those numbers, 10 have recovered, 15 are in hospital, and 3 are in ICU.

Premier Ball says, "your actions today determine the future of our province."

Dr. Fitzgerald wants public health emergency extended. Minister John Haggie has signed another state of emergency. Rules only allow them to be in place for 14 days, then reapplied.

Minister Haggie wants people to treat those with COVID-19 with respect.

Once again Dr. Fitzgerald and Minister Haggie want people to make a bubble and stay in it and don't burst anyone else's.

Premier Ball addressed April Fool’s jokes around COVID-19. Want's people to take posts off social media. Says don’t be a fool.


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