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2021-2022 Moose and Caribou Quotas Announced

The Department of Fisheries, Forestry and Agriculture has announced details of moose and caribou quota allocations for the 2021-22 big game hunting season.

There are 28,324 moose licences available on the Island which is an increase of 369 licences from last year.

This includes 17,890 either-sex licences and 9,959 male licences, with 475 of the total licences allocated to not-for-profit groups.

In Labrador, the moose quota has not changed, with 384 either-sex moose licences available.

The number of available caribou licences for the Island in 2021-22 remains the same at 575, including 380 either-sex licences and 195 male licences.


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