Drunk Driver Back in Court on Impaired Driving Causing Death #nltraffic

George Whalen was back in court yesterday. The 67-year-old admitted to being impaired back in July of 2016 when his van collided with 83-year-old Jane Newhook’s car on the main road in Thornlea. Newhook died from her injuries.

Whalen will be sentenced in June. The Crown has asked for a jail sentence of 8-10 years, the defence is asking for 5-6 years.

In the agreed statement of facts, Whalen had consumed a dozen beer and rum in the hours leading up to the accident. When the accident happened, Whalen went and looked a

t Newhook and said that she would be ok. Then, taking a dozen beer, walked away from the area.

When addressing the court yesterday he said, “I offer my condolences to the family for the grief and pain I caused them, I am very sorry. I take full responsibility for my actions.”