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CRA employees head back to work

CRA employees will head back to work today.

The PSAC-UTE bargaining team has reached a tentative agreement for the more than 35,000 Canada Revenue Agency workers.

Members are required to return to work today by 11:30 am ET, at the latest. If the regular start time is earlier than 11:30 am., the union is encouraging members to do their best to begin their workday at that earlier time because the employer may require them to make up those hours otherwise.

Under the new agreement, there will be wage increases totalling 12.6% compounded over the life of the agreement from 2021 to 2024. There is an additional fourth year in the agreement that protects workers from inflation, as well as a pensionable $2,500 one-time lump sum payment that represents an additional 3.6% of the salary for the average member.

The pensionable one-time lump sum payment of $2,500 will be applicable to all members of the bargaining unit employed at the time of signing the agreement.

PSAC members will also be able to continue to work remotely. Employee rights around remote work arrangements will be protected through a grievance process.

Employees can choose to work as early as 6:00 a.m. which the union says will allow workers the option to shape their workday to match their personal and family responsibilities.

There is also an increase in shift premium to $2.50, the highest of any PSAC collective agreement.


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