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Viking Trail Tourism Association Exploring New Frontier

Premier Andrew Furey announced approximately $70,000 to support the Viking Trail Tourism Association Hospitality Research and Planning Project. The timely project will help the Great Northern Peninsula’s tourism industry prepare for the coming post-pandemic recovery.

Viking Trail Tourism Association will hire a Hospitality Research and Planning Officer to draft a three-year strategic plan that brings together tourism, business, and community partners to enable the best possible deployment of workers in the hospitality industry. The plan will help address the gaps and future needs of hospitality-related positions throughout the sector. This will ensure workers have meaningful employment opportunities in the region and employers will benefit from the best hospitality workers who will operate their tourism-related businesses efficiently and effectively.

Action items in the plan may cover a wide variety of areas such as additional training, new tourism promotions, job rotation, recruitment and retention strategies, COVID-19 special measures, and succession planning.

The officer will also undertake initiatives such as:

  • Research labour market challenges and opportunities for 2021 and beyond, including compiling a database of every opportunity in the region;

  • Organize strategic planning sessions to identity the hospital industry’s needs in the region and create a plan to meet them; and,

  • Draft a final report that outlines all research completed and data collected.


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