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Two businesses receive funding for various initiatives

Two businesses have been awarded over $74,600 through the Business Development Support Program.

To enhance business and market development in the food industry Gouldings’ Wholesale Limited, which has acquired West Tower Bakery and Chatman’s Bakery, has expanded to include wholesale distribution of soft drinks and confectionary items.

The company has undertaken a new project that involves updating nutritional labels on its bakery products, launching a fundraising marketing campaign and other development initiatives with partnerships across Atlantic Canada. To support its planned expansion in local and export markets, the company is receiving non-repayable funding of $49,750 from the Provincial Government.

Java Jack’s Restaurant was started as a café in the Gros Morne region in 2000. After a transfer in ownership to couple Colleen and Leslie Hiscock, Java Jack’s umbrella company – JJ’s Café Inc. – successfully added a bed and breakfast, as well as retail products prepared using local food ingredients to the business mix.

To support upgrades to their online store and travel to trade shows to showcase the Jack’s Gourmet Fine Foods retail products, along with other marketing initiatives necessary for business growth, the company is receiving non-repayable funding of $24,931.


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