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St. John's approves updated Traffic Calming Policy

The St. John's City Council has approved an updated Traffic Calming Policy.

Under the new policy, there is language that clearly defines how to evaluate whether a street is eligible for traffic calming, and what steps need to take place throughout the process.

The updated process includes a petition from people who live on a street, data collection on site, and installation of trial temporary measures.

Traffic calming uses mostly physical traffic management techniques that aim to reduce the negative effects of motor vehicle use, alter driver behaviour, and improve conditions for all street users.

There are several streets that have temporary traffic calming and will see the permanent installation of speed cushions this year. These streets are University Avenue, Ennis Avenue, Quidi Vidi Road, Craigmillar Avenue, and Southside Road.

Several streets will receive temporary traffic calming measures this summer including

  • Baird Place between Vinnicombe Street to Wicklow Street

  • Frecker Drive between Cowan Avenue and Hamlyn Road

  • Stavanger Drive between Snows Lane and Shortall Street

  • Empire Avenue between Blackmarsh Road and Jensen Camp Road

  • Rotary Drive


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