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Snowmobile Goes through Ice in Butlerville

On Saturday a snowmobile went through the ice on First Pond in Butlerville.

Shortly before 5:00 p.m., on Saturday, RCMP received the report of the incident. Police, Spaniard’s Bay Fire Department and the Avalon North Wolverines Search and Rescue attended the scene. The 25-year-old man, who was uninjured, had freed himself from the ice prior to the arrival of emergency responders.

His snowmobile was recovered by Search and Rescue and firefighters.

The ice was thin and not suitable for snowmobile activity. Due to the lack of consistently cold weather this winter, most bodies of water throughout the province are not safe for travel, having no ice coverage, areas of thin ice or open areas.

In 2020, 17 people operating recreational vehicles died, three of them on snowmobile.


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