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RCMP warns of scam, scammer presents themselves as David Brazil

The RCMP on Bell Island is warning the public of a scam over Facebook Messenger where the scammer is presenting themselves as local politician David Brazil.

On Thursday a resident of Bell Island received a message on Facebook Messenger from what appeared to be Brazil. Brazil’s name and picture were associated with the message. The scammer presented a number of options to the individual to obtain a government grant.

By sending $1000.00, a $50,000.00 grant would be issued. The individual agreed to take part and completed an application through text messages, which included sending in a copy of a driver’s licence, name, date of birth, address and banking institution.

The resident was given a number of options for payment, including email transfer, PayPal transfer and or the purchase of pre-paid cards. The victim purchased Google Play cards, scratched the back to expose the codes and sent the information back to the scammer, who then withdrew the money.

David Brazil is aware of this scam and has communicated a warning to his followers on Facebook.


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