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RCMP warning the public of a suspicious person in Cow Head

The RCMP is warning the public of a suspicious person in Cow Head.

The warning comes after police received a report from a parent who disclosed their 5-year-old child had been approached by a man who asked the child to go for a walk with him on the beach on Thursday.

The child returned home and disclosed what had happened.

The man is described as being of average build and has a white/grey beard. He was said to be wearing a green jacket and beige ball cap, both items possibly having a Park’s Canada logo on them. Parks Canada has confirmed there were no employees working in that area last night and that Parks Canada non-uniform clothing apparel is available for public purchase.

Police are unable to substantiate the intentions of the individual and ask residents to continue to report any suspicious activity. Police are also asking parents to speak to their children and remind them of safety precautions with respect to strangers.


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