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Protesters gather in Ottawa as PM & Family moved over Security Concerns

Several trucks have gathered in Ottawa to protest vaccine mandates.

To this point, the protests have been largely peaceful. Ottawa Police have confirmed that there were cars parked on the grounds of the national Cenotaph. The area includes the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Those vehicles have been removed.

Ottawa Police says resources are in place and will remain until crowds are dispersed. At this point, emergency lanes are being maintained along with any other places that police need to clear for public safety. Some vehicles have been towed that obstruct those areas.

The RCMP has moved Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his family from their home at Rideau Cottage due to security concerns. No details were provided on where the Prime Minister and his family were relocated to but his itinerary for today indicates that he remains in the National Capital Region.

There is no end date set for the demonstration and intelligence officials warn of lone-wolf individuals.


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