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Pride Grand Falls-Windsor event not permitted on Salvation Army Property

Pride Grand Falls-Windsor is thanking the community for an outpouring of support after an event was cancelled yesterday.

In a statement to Newfound News the organization said, "this is a very hurtful situation to them as a group, it serves as a striking reminder of why the Pride movement remains important."

The event was not organized by Pride Grand Falls-Windsor nor was it a “Pride march”. The Lions Club of Grand Falls-Windsor had invited Pride to be their “special guests” at the Lions’ weekly “Healthy Living/Walking Program” on Thursday June 30th.

The walking program was being held at the Salvation Army Park St. Citadel in Grand Falls-Windsor since it started earlier this month.

Pride Grand Falls-Windsor said that when the Salvation Army Park St. church leadership found out that Pride Grand Falls-Windsor had been invited to the walk for this coming Thursday, they contacted the Lions Club rep for a meeting. At that meeting yesterday morning, the rep was advised that the church leadership did not want the Pride organization on church property.

The Salvation Army said in a statement to Newfound News that they are "disappointed in the way the situation with the GFW Lion’s Club unfolded" they added that they never asked that the event be cancelled but as a faith-based organization, The Salvation Army Park Street Citadel is guided by the organization's core values and welcomes all on church property.


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