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Premiers Write to the Prime Minister on the Federal Budget

The Council of the Federation has written a letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau pertaining to the federal budget.

The council says the federal government must refrain from overreaching into provincial and territorial jurisdiction, particularly in the areas of health, education, and housing.

To fully deliver for Canadians we must return to a cooperative approach, where governments work together so that the unique needs and priorities of Canadians are respected and responded to in the most efficient way possible the letter states.

Premiers are pleased that the federal government has responded with increased spending on defence, particularly investments in northern multi-use infrastructure that can both strengthen communities and support military needs.

Premiers believe that more must be invested in defence and security to equip and staff the Canadian Armed Forces to defend Canada’s interests at home and abroad.

For over a year, premiers have been seeking details on the federal government’s intentions around infrastructure programming. Premiers have been clear that flexible and predictable funding to PTs is required.

With the beginning of another wildfire, drought, and flood season, Premiers expected that updated Disaster Financial Assistance Arrangements would provide provinces and territories with timely, flexible, and adequate support in responding to emergency events.


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