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Premier Announces Provincial Approach to Ride Sharing

The provincial government announced the introduction of a provincial approach to ride-sharing.

To assist ride-sharing operators in expanding business into the province, legislative and policy changes will be introduced in the House of Assembly, including eliminating the requirement for a written test and an on-road practical test in order to get a Class 4 driver’s licence to drive either a taxi or ride-sharing vehicle, waiving the requirement for a taxi licence plate to be on any ride-sharing vehicle, providing clear and concise definitions for a transportation network, a transportation network company and a ride-sharing service.

Other changes would include clarifying the definition of a taxi to not include ride-sharing services, introducing a system of licensing transportation network companies, and amending municipal legislation to limit their jurisdiction to taxi services only and not ride-sharing.

If passed in the House of Assembly, these changes will require the same safety standards for both taxis and ride-sharing providers in Newfoundland and Labrador.


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