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Pet Owners Reminded of Hazards during Hunting & Trapping Seasons

With trapping and small game snaring season open throughout the province, pet owners, hunters and trappers are reminded of their responsibilities to help prevent the accidental capture of pets in traps and snares.

Only licensed trappers are permitted to use traps and snares. Hunters and trappers must ensure their traps and snares are set appropriately to avoid trapping non-target species. Traps and snares may only be used in areas open to trapping or snaring.

Unsupervised or roaming pets face the risk of accidental capture in legally set traps. These animals also face other hazards, including being struck by motor vehicles, exposure to hazardous substances or poisons, contact with diseases from domestic animals or wildlife, or attacks by wildlife or other domestic animals.

Pet owners must also ensure they control their animals in accordance with all existing provincial and municipal legislation intended to protect the public, livestock, other pets, and wildlife. For more details on municipal by-laws, contact your nearest municipal office or visit their websites.


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