Ottawa Streets Cleared, Police Actions Under Investigation

Bay & Wellington City of Ottawa

It is a very different scene in downtown Ottawa today as the streets have been cleared of protesters and vehicles. Police have erected fences and concrete barricades to keep traffic out.

The makeshift shelters and large amounts of litter are being cleared from the streets.

Police are maintaining a large presence and will continue to do so for some time.

Police actions under investigation

The Ontario Special Investigations Unit has launched an investigation after reports of serious injuries of a woman in an interaction with a police horse. They are also investigating less-lethal firearm discharges.

More arrests

So far there have been 191 arrests, 57 vehicles have been towed, and as of this morning, Kent Street and Bay Street are mostly clear of vehicles.

On Saturday Ottawa Police arrested Tyson Billings, of High Prairie, Alberta.

Billings faces charges of Mischief, Counselling to Commit the Offence of Mischief, Counselling to Commit the Offence of Disobey Court Order, Obstruct Police, and Counselling to Commit the Offence of Obstruct Police. He was scheduled to appear in court today.

The Ottawa Police issued a notice to protestors advising that anyone blocking streets, or assisting others in the blocking streets, are committing a criminal offence and could be arrested.

Protestors were also informed to cease further unlawful activity, or they would face charges or fines.