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Ottawa braces for another convoy

Another convoy is set to arrive in Ottawa this weekend.

The so-called "rolling thunder" group will arrive in the capital on Friday. Organizers have said they expect more than 500 motorcycles to descend on the city.

The group has been unclear about what they are rallying for except to say that they plan to “peacefully celebrate our freedom.”

Ottawa Police is trying to reassure downtown residents that this group will not be allowed to cripple the city like the illegal occupation from truckers back in February.

Police have said that they will not allow "motor vehicle-based protests, rallies or events in designated downtown areas. This includes areas near and around Parliament Hill and the National War Memorial and applies to all demonstrations, rallies and events. Organizers have been advised of this."

At this time there are additional police resources available including officers from the Ontario Provincial Police and the RCMP.


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