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  • Cyndi Earle

NL is a special place, for so many reasons

Here in Newfoundland and Labrador, we live in a special place that is so rich in the things it's known for.

This time of year, we celebrate Christmas with the mummering tradition. This is something synonymous with our province. The list of things our beautiful island is known for is amazing and endless.

The following are a few reminders:

  • We are an island surrounded by more than 7000 small to tiny islands.

  • Moose are not the only animal that was introduced to NL. The red squirrel was introduced here in 1963-64 to provide prey for the Pine Marten.

  • A Newfoundlander invented the gas mask.

  • Did you know that St. Johns has burned five times? In 1816, 1817, 1819, 1846 and the deadliest was The Great Fire in 1892.

  • We were the first to receive wireless communication in the world, sent in 1901 from England.

  • George Street has more pubs/clubs per square mile than anywhere in Canada.

  • Pineapple Crush is only available here. Lays Fries and Gravy chips are only available here.

  • We invented the ugly stick!

  • 95% of the world's Puffins live in NL.

  • We were the first to respond to distress calls from the Titanic.

  • Newfoundland used to be home to the world's busiest airport. Almost right where Gander airport is today. It was an important refuelling stop for all European travel in the 40s and 50s, being halfway between New York and England.

  • Having our own time zone 30 minutes off from everywhere else is pretty rare, who knew?

  • Newfoundland was its own independent country before 1949.

  • A Newfoundlander invented the first vaccine for smallpox.

  • The first transatlantic flight was from NL to Ireland in 1919.

  • We are the best place in all of Canada to see icebergs. Iceberg Alley can produce 400-800 every year.

  • We have our own great is that!

  • Mary Browns started right here at home, by a man from Triton.

Challenge yourself to find the oddest, strangest and coolest things about where you live. Maybe you learn something new about our beautiful island that you can share.


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