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New tax on sugar sweetened beverages comes into effect

As of today, the new tax on sugar sweetened beverages comes into effect.

The provincial government says that this new tax is aimed at reducing the consumption of sugar sweetened beverages.

The new tax means an extra $0.20 per litre for ready-to-drink beverages or dispensed beverages; and for concentrated drink mixtures, it will be $0.20 per litre for every litre of beverage that can be produced in accordance with the manufacturer's directions.

In some cases, it will be an extra $0.80 per litre for frozen concentrated juices, $2.00 per kilogram for flavoured powders, and $1.20 per litre for syrups.

All revenue generated by the new tax will be used to help fund the pre-natal infant nutrition supplement, school breakfast and lunch programs, and the physical activity tax credit.


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