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Mother Wonders Why Home Support Suddenly Cancelled

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Denise Dorothy has one question. Why?

Her 34-year-old son has been receiving home support for three years for a host of medical issues. She has recently been told that her son no longer qualifies for home support.

Dorothy says that she and her son has reached to several elected officials, including their local MHA Gerry Byrne, but has not received a response.

The company that was providing the home care was Compassion HomeCare. His case assessment worker is from Western Health.

After learning that the home support would be terminated, Dorothy is wondering how she will cope. She ponders if she will need to quit her job to provide care for her son.

She said, "My son's home care was a little bit of peace of mind but now that is gone."

Newfound News contacted both Compassion HomeCare and Western Health for comment neither returned our request for comment as of publication time.


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