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Leafs, Flames, and Canadiens Pick up Wins

There were ten games in the NHL last night with six Canadian teams on the ice.

Maple Leafs 3 Jets 1

Both teams remained scoreless in the first period. In the second, the Leafs snag 2 goals while the Jets trail picking up 1. The Leafs pick up another goal in the third and take the game.

Flames 5 Canucks 2

The Canucks take an early lead scoring one in the first. Then the Flames catch up and pass them scoring 3 in the second and in the third the Flames get another 2 goals and the Canucks manage to get one.

Canadiens 3 Oilers 1

The Canadiens get one goal in each period. The Oilers don't hit the scoreboard until the third when they manage to get one goal.

Other games:

  • Blue Jackets 3 Red Wings 2

  • Islanders 1 Bruins 0

  • Sabres 6 Flyers 1

  • Hurricanes 4 Predators 2

  • Blues 5 Sharks 4

  • Ducks 1 Wild 0

  • Golden Knights 4 Coyotes 2

There are eight games on the schedule tonight. The Jets and Senators face off against each other. They will be the only Canadian teams playing.


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