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Kintsugi Facebook Page Shutting Down


Mike and Georgina Parsons which have become household names in this province will be shutting down their Facebook page Kintsugi tomorrow.

The Facebook page, which has over 37,000 followers, shows highlights from the resettled community of Little Bay Islands from two residents who decided to stay.

The page was started in September of 2019.

In a post, Georgina Parsons said they have a desire to focus on other things.

In February 2019, the permanent residents voted to be relocated and nearly all of the 55 residents departed by late December 2019.

This was part of a relocation program operated by the provincial government for small communities that had become too expensive to service. Property owners who were permanent residents were paid at least $250,000 in compensation for the property they were leaving behind. Two residents decided to stay, living off of the grid and installing solar panels and wireless internet.


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