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Interpersonal Violence Disclosure Protocol Act Proclaimed

On Thursday the provincial government proclaimed into force the Interpersonal Violence Disclosure Protocol Act, commonly known as Clare’s La.

The law is aimed at increasing the safety for individuals in intimate relationships who are at risk of violence from their partners. With this, the regulations and protocol for Clare’s Law are now in effect and applications can be made online or in-person at a police station.

To make an application for disclosure, individuals need to be a resident of Newfoundland and Labrador, have reasonable concern for their safety or well-being while in a current or former intimate partner relationship, and be willing to meet with the police.

Clare’s Law is named after Clare Wood, a British woman who was murdered by her ex-partner in 2009. Wood’s family fought for a disclosure protocol that would enable individuals to obtain information from police about a partner’s documented history of violence, in hopes they may safely leave relationships when a risk of violence may be present.


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