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Grade Configuration Announced for School in Kenmount Terrace

The provincial government has unveiled the plan for the grade configuration for the new school in Kenmount Terrace. The school will include kindergarten to Grade 7 in English and French streams and will have the capacity for pre-kindergarten programming.

This school is expected to be the largest in the province with this grade configuration, with space for more than 850 students.

The Department of Transportation and Infrastructure will launch an RFP process this fall for the design and build of the school.

Minister of Education Krista Lynn Howell said, “I thank the community members who shared feedback on their wants and needs for a new school in Kenmount Terrace. Once complete, this school will provide a modern educational environment for current and future generations. I look forward to breaking ground on this important project for Kenmount Terrace and surrounding neighbourhoods.”


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