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Government Reinstates Northern Harvest Sea Farms Aquaculture Licences

Minister of Fisheries and Land Resources Gerry Byrne has reinstated 10 aquaculture licences to Northern Harvest Sea Farms in the Fortune Bay region on the south coast.

The October 11, 2019 suspension was due to the company’s failure to disclose to the department in a timely manner, all information regarding the fall 2019 salmon mass mortality event for all 10 sites, which constituted a breach of licence conditions for these sites.

Minister Byrne reinstated the licences based on findings from the Memorial University of Newfoundland Marine Institute’s Independent Review of the Mass Mortality Event and the Mi’kmaq Alsumk Mowimsikik Koqoey Association Post-mortality Event Environmental Monitoring Report.

Consistent with the findings of the Aquatic Animal Health Division of Fisheries and Land Resources, the Marine Institute report concluded the salmon mortality event was due to an unusual set of natural environmental conditions, including prolonged high water temperatures over consecutive days, and low oxygen. The report also notes the department properly followed and adhered to all required protocols.

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