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Government offers $150,000 incentive for new Family Practices

The provincial government is announcing a call for applications for Family Practice Programs.

The Family Practice Start-Up Program will provide $150,000 to new family practice physicians who open a family practice clinic, or join an existing family practice in the community, in return for a five-year service commitment.

Any Family physicians working less than full-time may be eligible for pro-rated funding.

The New Family Physician Income Guarantee provides new fee-for-service family physicians who open a new family practice or join an established family practice with a guaranteed minimum income over their first two years of practice.

The programs are available to new family physicians who will be practicing in the province including physicians entering a fee-for-service family practice for the first time or physicians practicing family medicine in another province who intend to relocate to Newfoundland and Labrador to practice fee-for-service family medicine.

As of June 2023, 33 physicians have accepted employment as a result of the Come Home Incentive and 22 family physicians are practicing in the province due to the family practice programs.

This is the highest incentive offered in Atlantic Canada.

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