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Government Announces Assistance for Craft Producers for Marketing and Development

Minister of Industry, Energy and Technology Andrew Parsons today announced nearly $94,000 for craft producers across the province.

The support announced includes:

  • $50,000 for Saucy Pots Pottery to support skills and market plan development. Owned and operated by Erin Callahan-St. John, this pottery studio produces unique slab-built cups and mugs, as well as a line of plates and platters.

  • $15,501 for artist June Farnsworth to assist with website development and social media graphics, allowing her work to be more accessible via e-commerce.

  • $15,076 for The Glass Station to assist with the development of increased signage and help improve the company’s social media presence. Based in Rocky Harbour, this business is owned and operated by glass artist Urve Manual.

  • $5,709 for Brim Pottery Studio and Boutique to develop an e-commerce website and marketing materials, as well as a social media strategy. This craft-based business is owned by professional potter Wendy Shirran and is based in Bonavista.

  • $4,383 for Petal Jewellery Shop to assist with expansive marketing opportunities. This funding will allow the business to upgrade and update its website imagery using a professional photographer. Owned and operated by Megan Lundrigan, this shop creates custom memento jewellery pieces using resin and clients’ personal flowers from special occasions.

  • $3,235 for Skivvers, based in Cow Head, to assist with marketing activities for promotional material, social media and signage. Owner Veronica Bavis is known for her skill as a knitter, and her products are regarded for their high quality wool blends.

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