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FFAW welcomes new model for assessing cod stocks

The FFAW is applauding the implementation of a new model for assessing the 2J3KL northern cod stock.

The new model assesses long-term productivity from 1954 to present, using tagging and landings data from the full time series.

The new model shows that northern cod is no longer in the critical zone and, importantly has been above the LRP since 2016. Northern cod will be assessed against the new model and limit reference point at the March 2024 stock assessment meeting.

“FFAW-Unifor has been advocating for changes to the stock assessment model and the limit reference point for several years, and this announcement today is certainly a very positive step for improving the robustness of fisheries science in our province,” says FFAW-Unifor President Greg Pretty. “We’re also pleased to see DFO’s surveys went ahead as planned this year and look forward to seeing the results of the full assessment this coming spring,” Pretty adds.


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