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FFAW echoes call for better Search and Rescue in Labrador

The FFAW is echoing the call for increased search and rescue resources in Labrador.

The announcement comes after the Newfoundland and Labrador Fish Harvesting Safety Association (Nl-FHSA) Safety Symposium last week and the arrival of Minister Joyce Murray in St. John’s this week.

FFAW-Unifor President Keith Sullivan said "our Union has long supported and called for additional search and rescue resources in Labrador. In particular, there is an urgent need for a ‘Fast Lifeboat Station’ similar to St. Anthony or Port aux Choix. Fish harvesters in Labrador face the same occupational dangers as harvesters in other regions, and they are deserving of adequate search and rescue services."

The FFAW hopes to meet with Murray at some point while she is in the province to discuss the matter.


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