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Corner Brook backtracks on new signage within hours

Facebook/City of Corner Brook

There is a lot of road construction currently underway in Corner Brook. On Monday traffic congestion increased when the city closed Elswick Road to traffic coming from West Valley Road.

The move was an attempt to stop motorists from short-cutting through the residential neighbourhood to get to O'Connell Drive.

No right turn and do-not-enter signs were put in place to indicate the change. The change led to several people voicing frustrations over the new signage and adding to traffic backlogs.

Within a few hours, the city removed the signs and said the "experiment" was completed.

In a Facebook post, the city said, "Due to the considerable impact this had on traffic flow, we have taken down the signage and once again allowed traffic to pass both ways on Elswick. We will look at other options to mitigate issues for residents in the area."


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