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Canada launching process to acquire 12 submarines

In response to emerging security challenges, the federal government is looking to expand Canada's submarine fleet, in order to allow Canada to detect and deter threats and control maritime approaches.

Canada’s current fleet of four Victoria-class submarines is becoming increasingly obsolete and expensive to maintain. Canada needs a new fleet of submarines to protect sovereignty from emerging security threats.

Bill Blair, Minister of National Defence, announced that Canada is taking the first step towards the procurement of up to 12 conventionally-powered, under-ice capable submarines – and that Canada is launching the process to formally engage industry on this acquisition.

The Department of National Defence is currently in the process of meeting with manufacturers and potential partners, as part of the Canadian Patrol Submarine Project.

A formal Request for Information will be posted in fall 2024 to gain further information on the procurement, construction, delivery and operational capabilities of potential bidders who can build submarines for Canada.


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