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Breakdown of Parties in Power Across Canada

With the recent provincial elections in parts of Canada here is a breakdown of the current parties in power across the country.

The Liberal Party holds on to just Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, and Yukon.

There are four Progressive Conservative governments, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Ontario, and Prince Edward Island.

The remainder is split. British Columbia has an NDP government. In Alberta the right-wing United Conservative Party is at the helm, the centre-right Coalition Avenir Québec form the government of Quebec, and the centre-right Saskatchewan Party won the latest election in Saskatchewan.

There are currently two minority governments in Canada. In Newfoundland and Labrador and on Prince Edward Island.

Nunavut and the Northwest Territories have nonpartisan consensus governments.

In this province, the law states that in the event a premier leaves office while the legislature is summoned, the new premier is required to, within 12 months of being appointed, advise the lieutenant governor to call an election. This means that an election will occur in Newfoundland and Labrador within a year.

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