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2J3KLPs Capelin Management Plan Not Reflective of Stock Health FFAW Says

The FFAW is disappointed in the management plan for the 2024 2J3KLPs capelin fishery recently released by DFO.

The plan announced a rollover in the management plan from previous years. This decision is contrary to DFO’s science as well as contrary to industry advisories the FFAW says.

“Fish harvesters are incredibly disappointed that despite capelin coming out of the critical zone with cod, the amount harvesters are permitted to harvest has not changed,” says FFAW-Unifor Secretary Treasurer Jason Spingle. “This is not the decision we were expecting, and it is not in line with the Department’s own science this year,” Spingle says.

DFO announced in March that capelin stock is no longer in the critical zone. Then later this spring, harvesters and processor representatives walked out of the advisory meeting.


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