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Newfound News Investigates: Scam Calls Ramp Up Again

After a brief reprieve for a couple of weeks, many Canadians are once again reporting receiving phone calls from people claiming to be the Canada Revenue Agency.

These calls are a scam and the number appears to be coming from different areas of Canada. When the unsuspecting caller answers the phone they are prompted to press one to speak to an agent who will then proceed to try and steal your identity they will use threatening language and if you confront them, we have had reports that they will threaten you and they will use vulgar language.

Newfound News reached out to telecommunications companies and we were told to call the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre at 1 888 495 8501.

Upon calling the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre they were told that they cannot take our call at this time due to technical difficulties.

We also contacted the CRTC who said we should contact the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre and we can also add our number to the "Do Not Call" list but that won't stop the calls.

The best advice is that if you get these calls hang up. Also, remember to NEVER provide personal information over the phone.

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