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Privacy Breach of Corner Brook Voter’s List

Were you on the voter's list in the last municipal election in Corner Brook? If so your information could have been accessed following a privacy breach.

A privacy breach involving the City of Corner Brook Voter’s List has occurred.

A directory on the City’s website which contained information from the City of Corner Brook’s Voter List was accessed by four IP addresses. The information accessed from the Voter’s List included Name, Address, Date of Birth, Polling Division and Polling Station.

The information was accessed through a directory structure on the City’s website server.

The server that hosts the website, did not have the directory-browse function disabled. This function has been corrected and the directory-browse function has been disabled.

In addition, upon becoming aware of the incident, City staff contacted their web hosting provider and requested the voter’s list be removed from the server hosting the website. This was done immediately.

It is unknown if the information from the voter list was viewed. The City can only confirm that the directory containing the voter list information was accessed.

In compliance with the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act, the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner’s Office and has been notified.

The City will implement a privacy audit for new software purchases and continue education and training of staff on privacy issues and employees' requirements.

If any member of the public has concerns with the breach they can contact the City of Corner Brook at (709) 637-1535. Additionally, a complaint can also be submitted to the Information and Privacy Commissioner’s Office.

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